Ruby Soho Writes

An extract from “The Valentine”


Mark had surprised her taking her out for a meal for Valentines Day to their favourite local Italian restaurant, the food had been good and the wine had flowed. It wasn’t far from their home so despite Jenny’s protesting about having to walk that far in her heels they headed home on foot. Just as they had started their walk it began to pour down, Jenny was almost immediately drenched through her snug red dress clinging tightly and her once curled hair plastered in wild tendrils on her face. Mark slipped of his jacket and placed it round her shoulders as they ran to get out of the rain.
The amount of wine she had drunk mixed with the wet pavement and her killer heels made a dangerous combination. This thought was all too clear in her mind as she slipped on the wet, glistening cobbles. Mark hurried to her side and helped her up as she stood dripping wet and shivering. She had twisted her ankle slightly and you could see through the tear in her tights that her knee was grazed and bleeding. Somehow it all added to making her look so fragile and needy, making Mark wanted her so bad.
When he got her home he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom where he started the shower running for her. While his back was turned she slipped off her dress letting it fall to the ground, she kicked it aside and stood waiting. When he turned around there she was, still in her black 4 inch heels, her black stockings and underwear, she looked so pathetic as she stood shivering, the blood now running down her right knee. He stood and watched her as she stepped out of her shoes, her twisted right ankle shook as it bore all her weight for a moment, only slightly but enough for Mark to notice as he watched the spectacle in front of him. He could feel himself getting harder as she stripped out of the last of her clothes. He gazed longingly as she slowly undid he suspenders sliding each black stocking down her leg, he loved the way her breasts almost escaped her bra as she leant forward to do it. She knew this as she teased him slowly making him wait. The bra itself was also soon discarded, and as he watched her wriggle out of her black lace panties he thought of the painstaking care she had taken to put these clothes on, and the way in which once she had used them for his pleasure she tossed them aside so carelessly.
Once this was over Jenny walked towards the fully dressed Mark. Slowly she slipped off his tie and worked her way down the buttons of his soaking wet shirt. They both stood shivering together her breasts pressed up against his cold damp chest. She shook a little as she stood on tip toes, leaning up to kiss him. She could feel his cock bulging against trousers as she pulled him close, his warm mouth was a stark but comforting contrast to the coldness they both felt. Her tounge twisted around his in a passionate clinch exploring each others mouths, Jenny reached down for his trousers, her cold, drunken hands clumsily fumbled with his belt as his clumsily fondled her pointed nipples. She stepped into the shower beckoning for him to come nearer and join her. Mark quickly whipped off what was left of his clothes and hurried to join her. His throbbing cock was now free and he wasted very little time in letting her know this. As Jenny stood under the running water Mark stepped in and closed the door, he pulled her close kissing again even more passionately this time as his fingers glided between her legs and his thumb started to tease her clitoris as he slid his fingers deep inside. The Warm running water only served to heighten her senses as Jenny felt him exploring her warm wetness. Before long she found herself ready to climax as she started to moan he pulled his hand away and placing both hands below her pert bottom he lifted her, in one expert move onto his huge throbbing cock. Jenny let out a yelp of shock as her back touched the cold shower tiles but as the water ran over her it was almost all she could take. Almost immediately she felt the warmness of the first waves of orgasm start to rise. Mark thrust into her harder and harder loving the way she was starting to cry out, with her wet hair stuck to her face and her breasts slippery and warm as the water trickled off them. He could feel the time coming and in one final thrust he came, his warm liquid filling her. The smile on her face was amazing as he looked at her satisfied. He lowered her down and kissed her again, leaving her to finish up in the shower as he went downstairs to fetch a bottle of champagne from the fridge…This was going to be a great night.



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