Ruby Soho Writes


Overdue Romance part 4 – The Stranger

The steps got closer and closer, beating purposefully on the floor; Jenny felt her heart beating with every thud of the boots. The stranger turned the corner, and was finally revealed to her. Jenny didn’t dare look up; she concentrated on her lipgloss and the small silver mirror in her hand. He walked over and snatched them out of her grasp. “You’re cute when you are nervous” he whispered. The sound of his voice broke the spell and as Jenny looked up she finally took in the sight in front of her. Her eyes surveyed him as she looked up from the ground her gaze had been pinned on. She had been right about the boots she saw in front of her, his feet were shoved into unlaced DMs that had seen better days, but this was part of the look, the appeal and the style. Her eyes wandered higher to take more of the secret spy towering over her. As well as the boots there were ripped jeans and a dark red shirt, casually open over a t shirt, deliberately faded and worn proclaiming the wonders of some band from the 80s. Over the top of this was a heavy winter overcoat of black wool, much too warm for the time of year, but giving his casual almost dishevelled appearance a look of class and effort. He was obviously someone who had spent time on money on looking like he didn’t care. What was under the clothes, however, held Jenny’s interest for a few seconds longer, as even under the bagginess of the clothes his toned tight stomach and chest could be seen. At last she dared look up and gaze at the face of her admirer. It was no surprise that the hair and face too were displaying the very same unkempt air.  With his jaw-length, black curls falling around his face and his carefully placed stubble he looked almost like the vampire from Being Human, not the type Jenny would usually pick, but full of raw appeal. What was the surprise was the way he held her gaze when she finally dared to look into those piercing eyes. She was his, it was almost like magic the way he had captivated her; from the very first moment she had held the note, turning it over in her hands, until now – alone in the deserted aisle with their eyes locked.



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