Ruby Soho Writes



As the alarm sounded Sarah stirred in her sleep. First reaching to turn it off and not long after for the thing she wanted most in the world. Every morning she had the same routine; grab that wonderful bright red packet with the white writing and the little gold logo pull on a robe and sit on the back steps of the house. Since Andrew had been away though she had broken her routine. Why should she face the wintery gusts of wind outside when there was no one around to complain? For the past few days she had lit up right here before even getting out of bed. Nothing else was on her mind as she lit that Du Maurier king size, but putting that bright orange filter to her glossless lips. She took a long draw of breath inhaling it inside her and taking her time to exhale. It was always the same with the first draw of the first smoke of the day. She had gone all night without the precious taste and she wanted to savour it. To lie naked in bed and smoke before even brushing her wild red hair and grabbing a robe seemed like the most reckless of abandon in an otherwise strict and routine lifestyle. She knew after Andrew returned this would have to end and as she gently tapped the ash from the end of her cigarette into the ashtray she decided to savour the moment. With her Du Maurier in her right hand she raised it to her lips to take another draw and wondered if there was any greater pleasure and feeling in the world than that first taste after a whole night without one. With her free left hand she enjoyed another of her morning routines. Usually mornings were busy and hectic with her getting ready for the gym before classes and Andrew getting ready for work, but in the two weeks he had been away she had taken time to enjoy herself. As she lifted the lit cigarette to her lips with her right hand she let her left hand wander under the covers. I took great skill to manage to juggle her pleasures like this but Sarah had made smoking such a natural habit in the last 8 years that it was second nature. Her fingers of her left hand tangled around what there was of her sparse, neat pubic hair, parting it to either side and exploring what was beneath. Her index finger slowly strokes that little bump of wet flesh as she took another draw. As she teased it even more she soon felt waves of pleasure rolling over her, she took her time slowly in circles with one finger, never letting herself get too excited and never getting too frantic that she couldn’t still steadily hold her cigarette. She imagined Andrew walking in on her now back home early from visiting his sister. Catching Sarah wickedly in their bed getting pleasure from her cigarette and her fingers. She imagined him ripping back the covers seeing her naked breasts and pointed nipples. Stubbing  out her cigarette, crushing that bright orange filter and taking control. She did the next best thing and as she stubbed out the discarded cigarette only millimetres from having burnt to the filter. She in her untamed and reckless state went to work on the second best pleasure of her morning. When it was over she lay there exhausted and ready to start the day…”well maybe just one more cigarette before I do.” she told herself.

She first grabbed her night shirt, which was in turn on of Andrew’s shirts pulled it over her head and sat up in bed reaching for that ever present red pack of pleasure once more. She held it to her lips and lit it.



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