Ruby Soho Writes

Overdue Romance part 2 The Note

"To the Girl in the Red Shirt" the note began, "I know you have noticed me too, all that time you've spent chewing the end of that pen, twisting your hair around your finger and teasing me." Jenny glanced around, cautiously looking for the writer of the note, but there was no-one in sight. She read on, "the way you sit with your shoes off under the desk, playing with them with your perfectly painted toes, surely you must have known I was there. It was all a display for me, right?" Jenny shivered, it must have been somebody really close by for them to have noticed her feet.
Although Jenny knew deep down she should have been scared by this , especially sat alone in the deserted library, but she wasn't; this was relieving the boredom and awakening her curiosity, plus there was something about the way this note was written, the way in which the author had so much knowledge about her, an almost powerful control, that it made her heart race. She wanted to meet the "Secret Spy" with the impeccable handwriting. The instructions were clear, "Physics Journals 8pm (no-one ever looks there) XX".

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