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Overdue Romance part 5- The Conclusion

As their eyes locked Jenny saw the desire in his. She wondered for a moment if she had made the right choice, her heart was pounding loud enough to hear against the silent backdrop of the deserted library. Should she turn and run? Had this been a mistake? It didn’t matter, there was nowhere she could go, the stranger with the burning eyes and piercing gaze was blocking her way along the aisle. She was at his mercy and after a moment of doubt Jenny realised it was where she wanted to be


He placed on finger under her chin as if beckoning to stand up, pulling her towards him. She obeyed silently and unquestioningly, her eyes never leaving his. She leaned forward to kiss him as she thought he might want, but he shoved her back against the wall, his hand now having moved to around her throat; pinning her there. The look in his eyes appeared to change from a burning desire to an almost rage-like need. He leaned close and whispered in her ear.


“Not yet, I want to see you undress for me first. I want to watch you some more. To see what is under that red shirt. I want you to tease me more, that show you were putting on for me was fun but I want more, I want a private viewing and you are going to do it exactly as I say! Do you understand?”


Jenny nodded dumbly unable to say a word, transfixed on those haunting eyes. There was still that voice inside of her telling her that this was madness, telling her to run, but it was as if she was watching herself in some dreamlike Alice in Wonderland world. She knew what she should be doing but instead she found herself following his orders. First she stepped out of her red sandals revealing her matching painted toenails and her small perfect feet. She could see that this is what interested the stranger and what he had been watching all along. Jenny pushed her shoes aside with her foot and carried on undressing. Button by button her fingers worked their way down her shirt as he stood and watched her intently. Jenny hesitated for a minute and started to button up her shirt again, but he grabbed her by the front of the shirt, and holding each side with each hand, he ripped it open with ease to reveal her red lace bra. Shaken Jenny stumbled backwards and hurriedly took off her shirt.


“Now the jeans!”


Jenny realised she had no choice but to obey him, and also how she was powerless to do anything else. She undid the button on her skinny jeans and slid them down her legs stepping out of them. It was then 2 things about her became known. The first is that she never wore panties under her skinny jeans and the second is that she was completely shaved. The corners of the stranger’s mouth almost twitched into a smile as he saw this, but as fast as it appeared it vanished and he was back to his serious ominous glare. Jenny slowly lowered each strap of her bra down each shoulder and unclasped the catch at the back in order to free her pert breasts. The chill of the air conditioning in the library made her nipples contract instantly, the little dark points creating a stark contrast to the smooth white rounded flesh of her boobs. He ran his finger slowly around each nipple before tracing a path down through her cleavage and down her flat pale stomach. She felt a rush of passion and desire as his finger skimmed her belly button and headed straight for he smooth pussy. He traced a triangle where her hair should be smiling as he did, when he reach the lower point of the triangle his index finger continued on its path, gliding smoothly over her clitoris and around the edges of her moist vagina. Jenny shivered with pleasure as waves shot through her and this was all still teasing. He stepped back and took off his coat, throwing it to the floor! He grabbed Jenny by the shoulders throwing her to the floor too, laying her naked body on his coat. Shaking she reached forward and removed his shirt and then his t-shirt, to finally reveal his toned torso. She pulled him to her kissing him. For a moment the frustrated fiend in him started to subside as he gave way to the passionate exploration of her tongue, and then it was gone. The glimpse of the caring passionate stranger disappeared into nowhere and the hunger in him grew again. He pulled his mouth away from hers, and began to explore her pale white flesh with an appetite that could not be controlled.


His tongue snaked around her left nipple in small circles, the cold air heightening her senses and making her murmur. He gripped the point or her nipple firmly but gently, tugging on it for a second, licking it sensitively before moving onto the right. It was as if his tongue was tracing the very pattern his finger had seductively followed. Jenny knew where he was heading to her shaven mound. He took it slowly tasting the faint sweat and body lotion on the bare flesh of her smooth stomach enjoying devouring every inch of her, further and further down, until he reached his destination. With a grin on his face that suggested pure evil and divine pleasure he disappeared between her legs. His tongue touched her clit and she was in heaven, like a spark of electricity had jumped off of his tongue and woken her up. Her body tensed and her back arched as she squirmed with pleasure. He used one hand to part her lips as his mouth went to work on her damp pussy. She was on fire as his tongue darted, yet again, in small sharp circles this time around her sweet spot, and again gently nibbling on it hear and there. He alternated between the small circles around her clitoris and long flat licks of her wet pussy. Jenny writhed on the floor in pleasure as he worked away at her, until she could cope no more. Orgasm after orgasm came tumbling out of her, it was all she could do to contain her screams as his wild tongue brought her to the brink and then over the edge again and again endlessly. Then without saying a word he stopped, he was aware had exhausted her with the pleasure he inflicted on her. He looked up catching her gaze and licking his lips.


 He sat back and pulled on his t-shirt, then ripping the coat from under her shivering, satisfied body, he put on his coat, picked up his shirt and strode away his boots stomping a steady beat on the floor. This left Jenny scrabbling to pull on her clothes naked and very alone in the deserted library. She tried to catch up with him but it was as if there had never been anyone else there with her.  She would have almost believed she had imagined it if not for her wet juices still mixed with his saliva tainting her inner thighs and the almost relived feeling of passion that had swept over her as she headed home on that cold dark Saturday night.



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