Ruby Soho Writes


Overdue Romance part 1 – Boredom

How did it get to this point? Jenny wasn’t one of the ‘cool kids’ partying all the time with wild stories of wilder nights, but she had a life, a select few good friends who knew how to have fun. So why the hell was she spending her Saturday night stuck in the library? When did it come to this? All of this and more passed through her mind as she desperately tried to concentrate on her work. Somehow, the different aspects of learning were failing to hold her attention. She wrote a few more worthless notes, checked her phone, drank some water, wrote some more notes and repeated the endless cycle over and over until minutes had passed into hours.
She let her mind wander again as her eyes gazed around the room; it was relatively empty except for a few other people. Mainly they were the nerdy types who had nothing better to do than to spend their Saturday nights in a dump like this. There was also a group of three girls desperately trying to scribble down the last few notes before they went home and headed out for a night which would promise to be a lot more fun than the one Jenny had in front of her. One of the girls had already started to paint her nails as she waited for the others, eager to get going and start the night. Jenny knew that the place would soon empty out even more and that she would be left even more alone with her thoughts. With that, she sighed, pushed her chair back, grabbed her purse and headed off in search of the vending machine. She left her books and notes strewn across the desk as she went in search of chocolate.
When she returned to her desk, her floor of the library appeared to be completely deserted and her things were there waiting for her a mess of notes and papers just as she had left them…or so it first appeared. She picked up her book to continue working, as she did out fell a neatly folded note that had been discretely tucked inside the pages. Jenny wondered how she could have missed the note, and how long it had been there. She let it distract her from her work yet again; wondering if this was a note from some other bored student long gone. She told herself to stop being silly and to stop letting her imagination run riot. After all, it was probably something as trivial and mundane as a shopping list. As she unfolded it though she realised how far from the truth any of these previous thoughts had been. It had just been written, and it had just been written for her. When she thought she had been alone someone had in fact been watching her.


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