Ruby Soho Writes

Overdue Romance Chapter 3 – Anticipation


Jenny checked her watch; it was 7:50pm. She had ten minutes to make her decision but she already knew what she was going to do. She packed away her books and headed over to the aisle in question. Best to have the upper hand” she thought to herself.

Soon she found herself behind the physics journals in between dusty old shelves. Jenny put down her bags and proceeded to sit on the floor. As she waited trepidation and impatience set in all at once. Jenny became antsy “since when did ten minutes last so long?” Every second dragged as she sat between the books in that secluded wing of the deserted library. All Jenny could hear was the clock ticking, counting away in regular slices of time that slipped slowly away. Too slowly. To kill this stagnant time Jenny checked her make-up and was reapplying her lip-gloss when, at one minute to eight, she heard footsteps approaching. They weren’t the hurried footsteps of someone trying to get that last book before the place closed, more the heavy, purposeful stride of a man on a mission. Boots beating against the hardwood floor, pounding rhythmically, closer and closer.


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